Daria Morgendorffer + Leather Beret

I have been called “The Black Daria” on multiple occasions, and I have never been more flattered. Daria Morgendorffer is the epitome of a sarcastic, witty young woman who simply cannot be bothered. After seeing my fellow four-eyed female on this t-shirt, I knew I would not be leaving the store without it. Due to the nature of Daria, this completed look had to be effortless yet edgy and striking yet subtle.

I added my Bond Vegan Leather Beret from Free People to incorporate a contrasting texture. Black denim works well with almost everything, so adding the Petite Curvy Toothpick Jean in True Black was a no-brainer. The Kay Ankle Boots in Bordeaux are not only comfortable, but they also provide additional details with the gold front zipper and red heel. This denim jacket was purchased years ago from Old Navy and added a light wash element to an overall dark outfit. This Distressed Denim Jacket looks pretty similar, and I cut and bleached it myself. Lastly, the Daria t-shirt came from Urban Outfitters and is currently out of stock. However, I did some digging and saw it is being sold online here!


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