Colorblock Funnelneck + Nike Cortez

We all have coats we use for warmth, and then there are the coats worn to solely make a statement. Please allow me to introduce you to my favorite not-for-cold-weather coat, the Colorblock Funnelneck. This was purchased years ago when Jenna Lyons created a cult-like following for J. Crew. (Raises glass to mixed prints, “shiny ponies,” and thick rimmed glasses). This specific coat is no longer available, but Asos has a cute alternative here!

Luckily, the weather worked in my favor when I recently wore this coat. I was able to just wear a Tissue Turtleneck underneath due to the unexpected high temperature. The Curvy High-Rise Skinny Jeans are extremely flattering, and nothing less was expected as this denim is from Madewell. The classic Nike Cortez was my sneaker of choice to ensure comfortability.






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