Any brand collaborating with A$AP Rocky is bound to become even bigger and automatically catapult into the ranks of high fashion. Earlier this year, Guess was that brand. Within this capsule collection are items for men and women that range from overalls and hoodies to denim and classic tees in new, refreshing colorways. This collection was definitely paying homage to the 90s by incorporating staple Guess striped patterns with modern twists like changing the Guess logo to GUE$$.

One of my favorite pieces was the white crop top with the GUE$$ logo across the front. It’s a simple, lightweight item that can definitely turn into a go-to top. I wanted this look to be based around a black and white color scheme with a pop of color, and the red upside down triangle was the perfect touch. To complete my look, I wore my favorite BDG Twig High-Rise denim from Urban Outfitters, fringe bag from Noble Companion, and open toe heels from GoJane. More details are listed below.

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IMG_4540IMG_4537IMG_4523IMG_4524IMG_4538IMG_4528 edited chokerIMG_4541IMG_4526IMG_4535IMG_4525IMG_4534IMG_4532IMG_4533IMG_4530IMG_4529

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