Velvet Mock Neck + Jeffrey Campbell

Wearing this orange top from Urban Outfitters was as festive as I got for Halloween. After first seeing it online, I was hesitant to purchase, because I wasn’t sure if the color would be a true, bright orange instead of a more rustic brown hue. Luckily, the local Urban Outfitters carried the top in store, and I was pleasantly surprised! In addition to the great color, it was incredibly comfortable. Adding the high-rise denim in black was a no brainer as these jeans are form flattering making them a staple item for almost any outfit. Jeffrey Campbell makes tons of great shoes, but the Big Litas are unmatched. People always ask me how I’m able to walk in them. However, what makes these shoes so intimidating to onlookers is exactly what also makes them extremely comfortable; the thick heel! Per usual, links to shop are listed below.


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