4 Blogging Babes

Long before and sometime after I entered the blogosphere, I have been inspired by the beauties below. They are all style bloggers and influencers in their locations that range from DC, California, Maryland, and New York. Check out my favorite style blogging babes.

Ann Wynn

Ann Wynn 1 Hearts

Years ago when Facebook was the go-to social media platform, I came across Ann. Immediately, I was intrigued by her beauty and immaculate style. Fast forward to now and Ann is officially a “blogger gallivanting the streets of DC.” Her tailored yet ultra feminine style coincides perfectly with her knack of finding the most beautiful, awe-inspiring backgrounds. In addition to constantly updating 28k+ followers on Instagram, Ann is currently the fashion ambassador for The Cut Life, running a YouTube page, and collaborating with Pink Plastic, a brand that encourages women to “find their inner princess.”

Sonique Saturday


All of a sudden I began to see handbags reminiscent of Hermès Birkins, Dior and Chanel allover Instagram. Plastered across the front of these bags were slogans, “You Fake Like This Hermès,” “My Other Dior Is Real,” and “Fake Chanel.” I followed the link to the source and creator of these innovative handbags and was mesmerized. Not only does Sonique have a massive following of 29k+ on Instagram, she is a designer who has provided handbags to celebrities such as Amber Rose, Megan Good, Christina Milian and Erykah Badu, and a stylist that outfitted models for Forever21’s lookbook and Straight Outta Compton’s Director, F. Gary Gray.

Ashleigh Hutchinson

ashleigh pic

I first laid eyes on Ashleigh when I was swooning over the brown beauties featured on blackandkillingit.com. I didn’t hesitate to find out more about the woman who instantly caught my attention. Impressed was an understatement when I visited her blog. I soon learned TheDaileigh is a force to be reckoned with. Ashleigh makes multi-tasking look easy when running her blog full-time, spearheading her styling and consulting company while offering fashion-based webinars and e-books for her loyal readers and 183k+ Instagram followers.

Shaniqua J.

shaniqua pic 1

While searching the hashtag Dior on Instagram to drool over the new patent calfskin ankle boots (shown above), Shaniqua’s picture stood out for obvious reasons. A brown girl walking through New York with blue hair, fur, Chanel AND Dior?! Understandably, I became a fan, developed a healthy obsession and learned she was featured as a Fashion Bombshell of the Day. SIMPLICITYxSTYLE is the perfect handle that embodies Shaniqua’s edgy, feminine and grunge style that also influences 36k+ Instagram followers.

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